Freitag, 30. September 2011

Harsh Weather Armor

Ryvaine Shadowstep from DE-RP Belegaer on Lord of the Rings Online
~ Harsh Weather Armor~
I wanted to create an armor, which is not as thick as the one shes wearing in snowy landscapes.
Since she entered Enedwaith with the very harsh and windy weather, i was thinking about that.
So finally, i got the pieces and i´m quite satisfied with it now.

Head - Loremaster Set Piece from the Watcher in Moria
Shoulders  -Runemaster Shoulders from Helegrod Set
Chest - Wardens Set Piece from Helegrod Bartering (T1, dyeable i think)
Legs - Burglars Leggins from Helegrod Set
Hands - Ost Dunhoth Burglar Gauntlets (LOVE the small dagger)
Feet - Quest Reward (also Reputation Dunlands) from the Westfold
Back -Travellers Cloak from the Lotro Store

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  1. i love the headgear! great outfit, looks very roleplayish for woman of the south :)