Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

Runekeeper "Aphrodite"

Nyvaine from DE-RP Belegaer on Lord of the Rings Online
~ Runekeeper "Aphrodite" Armor~

Something flashy and a little more colorful for my little Runekeeper :)
Called it the Aphrodite because of the wings on the headpiece.

Head - Barter Item from Skirmish Vendor
Shoulders  - re-used Skin from Lvl 75 blue Treasure Chest drops / Helegrod Thorog
Chest - Crafted middle Armor from Mirkwood, dyed violet
Legs -Loremaster Leggins from the Rift of Nurz Ghashu - Set Item
Hands - Blue Crafted middle Armor from Lothlorien
Feet - Quest Reward from questing in the Westfold 
Back - Store Cloak of the Silverbirk
Runebag - Lvl 20 crafted Item, dyed violet

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  1. This is very unique! :)

    I've really enjoyed the outfits you've posted so far, looking forward to seeing more!