Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Treasure Huntress

Ryvaine Shadowstep from DE-RP Belegaer on Lord of the Rings Online
~ Treasure Hunter Armor~
Featuring the emote i snatched during the short event-preview a few days ago <3 Pure Love!
And the gold-filled bag too. Cant wait for the event to start completely.
The legs i got from one of the new instances, theyre called TBD in the german further instructions here. But the set looks quite good. Got the shoulders and the jacket too.
Since shes played more like a "tomb raider" than a burglar, its great for me ;)
Head - Travellers Hood from Lotro Store
Shoulders  - Update 5 New cosmetic shoulders from the grey company set
Chest - Warden Armor Barter from Helegrod
Legs -TBD Legs from one of the new 3man instances..yeah its called TBD in german :D Love my TBD stuff...
Hands - Ost Dunhoth Burglars Gloves
Feet - Update 5 New cosmetic Boots from the grey company set
Back -occupied with the gold-filled bag on her sides - from treasure hunt event preview


  1. beautiful outfit, very well matched :)

  2. Very nice!

    So the sack of gold is actually a back slot item? Interesting. It seemed a while ago (when they introduced the cosmetic RK satchels) that they might be trying to allow as a new cosmetic slot them for any class. Maybe that didn't work out very well and this is the compromise?

    Anyway, again -- very nice outfit! :)

  3. Sadly yes, it takes the cloak slot at the moment. I thought it might be like the solution with the runekeeper-bag slots too. Maybe they might fix that in the future or maybe with the event-start...its a little bit annoying - having to decide between a cloak and a bag :D

    Thank you both so much for the nice comments :)

  4. I love how you combined the warden chest piece and the new grey company shoulders. They go so perfect with the treasure hunter gear. Love it! Makes me want to go get that Warden chest myself. :)

  5. Hey, great look. You make me regret not having played Lotro yet.

  6. Looks awesome. Love it, perfect! I am looking forward to your next post.
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