Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Trade with me

Ryvaine Shadowstep from DE-RP Belegaer on Lord of the Rings Online
~ Trader Armor~
Something more colorful and looking "richer" for trading the stuff she..well..uhm...snatched from several unnice places all around middle-earth :D

Head - Loremaster Set Head from the Watcher in Moria
Shoulders  - From Level 75 Skirmish Helegrod - blue middle armor item
Chest - Crafted mirkwood middle armor
Legs -TBD Legs from one of the new 3man instances..yeah its called TBD in german :D Love my TBD stuff...
Hands - Burglar Set from Dunland
Feet -yellow boots from questing in Dunland
Back -yellow cloak from questing in Dunland, you get it several times there
All dyed blood-red

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